Web Resume and Electronic ASCII Format Resume Package

 De Rigour, your current high impact, keyword resume, printed on fine quality paper, makes a stunning impression when presented by hand or delivered by mail. But electronically, it may not cut it. Your literary work of art needs electronic visibility and transportability.  Our Web Resume gives you 24/7/365 visibility, is downloadable and a savvy marketing tool. Secondly, modern resume scanning and filter/screening requires a properly key worded, electronically compatible resume.

 An electronically compatible resume is an ASCII Formatted text file which contains ASCII specified text, without fancy fonts, graphics or special characters. When email your resume or post your resume on popular job boards like Monster.com, your resume needs to be in Electronic ASCII Format. Your Electronic ASCII Format Resume should be the only format used as a scan able resume for submission to large and mid-sized companies.

This service is available to you for a one-time low Price:  $39.95 

Your professional Web Resume is combined with an Electronic ASCII Format Resume by our professional web editors layouts to create a compelling for you located at http://yourresume.netfirms.com/. If you wish to maintain your site, we will give you a user log in name and password.


Service Details:

For a onetime low fee of $39.95, CareerChargers provides a Web Resume and an electronic ASCII Format Resume. Our web editors will post your new resumes within 48 hours of receipt. Please read the service details below:

Email us: careerchargers@aol.com or if you require urgent or emergency resume services, call us right now at 1.228.868.9331 and we'll call you right back to save you on the toll call.

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