Communications Document:

Your resume is first and foremost a communications document. Its purpose is to communicate clearly and succinctly to employers your work-related skills and abilities. If your resume communicates effectively, employers will be able to easily understand and assess your qualifications for current openings. If your resume is poorly organized and sloppily written, communications will be impeded and the employers will likely move on to the next resume on the pile, never giving yours a second thought.

Marketing Document:

Your resume is also a marketing document that can persuade employers of your value for the type of work for which you are applying.  Your resume must do a solid job of convincing employers of your unique value when compared to the many other employment candidates with whom you must compete.  Failure to quickly and effectively establish this value will relegate your resume to the reject pile. If you get a reply at all, it's likely to be the infamous "no" letter.

Interview Road Map:

Frequently, a resume serves as a kind of interview road map. As such, it can have significant impact on interview results.

How many times have you participated in or observed the interview process where the interviewer uses the resume as the basis for guiding the interview discussion?  In doing so, the interviewer generally goes through the resume line by line, asking appropriate probing questions along the way.

A poorly organized and badly written resume can create confusion and waste valuable interview time while the employer seeks clarification.

Conversely, if well written and thoughtfully organized, your resume is likely to keep the interviewer on the main highway and focused on your strengths and successes.  The choice is yours.  Either way, your resume is bound to have significant impact on the outcome of your interviews.

Post-Interview Comparison Document

Following the interview process, when the interview team meets to make a decision among candidates, your resume may be used as the basis for comparing you with other candidates. If the comparison is to be favorable, your resume must be well designed, causing your qualifications to make you stand out from the others.  A thoughtful, well-constructed resume can go a long way toward moving the hiring decision in your favor. A poor resume, on the other hand, almost guarantees that you will not make the cut.

As you can see, your employment resume is in many ways the focal point or keystone of your job-hunting process. Having Career Chargers prepare your powerful, thoughtful, well-organized resume is sure to have major payoffs for your job search efforts.

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